Sedation Dentistry in Spokane, WA

Do you experience dental anxiety or need extra support to stay calm and comfortable while receiving dental care? Smile Source South Hill provides personalized sedation dentistry services near Spokane, WA, catering to patients with dental anxieties, sensory sensitivities, and unique healthcare needs. Our skilled dentists assess each patient's health history to determine the appropriate level of sedation for a relaxed, pain-free experience.

Anesthesia at Smile Source South Hill

General anesthesia can be used for complex procedures or to alleviate discomfort. Local anesthesia is administered for less invasive procedures or when the patient will be awake during surgery. Anesthesia is considered safe and effective for patients of all ages, and we carefully review medical histories to ensure suitability. We also offer offer various sedation options and recommend having a companion present to accompany patients home after general sedation. Trust Smile Source South Hill to provide the soothing sedation and tailored care you need for comfortable dental treatment.

Our additional sedation dentistry options include:

Oral Conscious Sedation

Smile Source offers oral conscious sedation in the form of a pill to help anxious patients relax during treatment. This sedation can be used as a mild or moderate sedative, providing varying levels of relaxation. With mild sedation, patients feel drowsy but are still conscious and responsive. Moderate sedation may induce a deeper level of relaxation, sometimes causing patients to fall into a light sleep. The type of sedation used depends on the patient's level of anxiety and the complexity of the dental procedure.

Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing gas, or inhalation sedation, is a light form of sedation. It is administered as a colorless, odor-free gas through a breathing mask, with the amount controlled by the dentist for safety and comfort. With laughing gas, patients are fully relaxed but still awake and able to follow instructions. It is commonly chosen by patients who are anxious or afraid of dental work and those who have difficulty sitting still for long periods. Most patients are eligible for laughing gas sedation, and their health and medical history are reviewed to determine the appropriateness. The option to receive laughing gas can be requested during the dental appointment.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is offered to patients with extreme dental anxiety or those undergoing oral surgery or lengthy treatment. It involves administering anti-anxiety medication directly into the veins to promote relaxation. Patients experience relaxation and temporary memory loss, and our dentists adjust the medication as needed during treatment. IV sedation is typically necessary for oral surgeries and complex procedures. It entails placing a small IV into the arm to deliver a safe sedative, gradually inducing a sleep-like state for a more comfortable procedure.

Most patients are good candidates for IV sedation, and we review medical history before recommending any sedatives. After the procedure, the IV is removed, and patients are taken to recovery rooms to wake up. Having someone available to accompany the patient home after the appointment is essential.

Learn More About Sedation Dentistry in Spokane

Experience a comfortable and relaxed visit to the dentist with Smile Source South Hill's sedation dentistry services. Our team provides a stress-free experience for all patients. Contact us today to schedule your visit! 

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