Oral Surgery in Spokane, WA

Are you in need of oral surgery in Spokane, WA? Smile Source North Side offers a selection of surgical treatments designed to enhance, restore, and protect your healthy smile. Our dentists offer surgical procedures for adult and pediatric patients, as well as safe sedation dentistry to make the surgical process more comfortable for every patient.

Smile Source offers top oral surgery near north Spokane and beyond, with treatment plans that are personalized to support each of our patients' optimal health!

When is Oral Surgery Needed?

Our patients may need oral surgery before dental restorations, such as dental extractions performed before a denture is crafted for you. Patients may also require preventive surgery, such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. Other types of oral surgery at our Spokane dental office can help to enhance your smile and construct teeth that are currently missing.

Your Surgical Consultation

To determine if you're an ideal candidate for oral surgery, our dentists will start your treatment with a comfortable exam, set of x-rays, and a review of your medical history. This allows us to determine if you're healthy enough to undergo the procedure that is needed. At Smile Source North Side, our experienced team is here to help answer any questions you may have regarding oral surgery.

When you return to our north Spokane dental office for the surgery, our team will administer anesthetic or safe sedation dentistry. Oral surgery is quickly, comfortably and easily done in our office at your own convenience, and we are here to help with any post-operative complications. Some of the most common surgeries that we perform at Smile Source include:

Tooth Extractions

Address dental trauma, infection, or prevent future complications with our tooth extraction services at Smile Source North Side. Our dentists evaluate the extent of damage via digital x-rays, ensuring personalized and effective treatment, whether it's a simple or surgical extraction.

Permanent Dental Implants

Missing teeth? Our dental implant solutions provide long-term restoration and a natural look. Utilizing titanium posts anchored into the jawbone, we offer various implant systems, including single implants, All-on-4®, hybrid implants, and implant-retained dentures to provide comfortable, long-lasting replacement teeth. 

Bone Grafting

Our dentists can help you combat the toll periodontal disease takes on jawbone integrity with bone grafting. Bone graft surgery, also known as natural bone regeneration, fosters jawbone growth, enhancing its ability to support dental implants and promoting oral health.

Gum Grafting

If you've ever worried about receding gums affecting your smile or dental health, you're not alone. Gum graft surgery is a revolutionary procedure that can restore the natural appearance of your gums while enhancing tooth health. At Smile Source North Side, we offer this cutting-edge service to bring you a myriad of benefits including reduced sensitivity, lower risk of tooth decay, and an improved aesthetic appearance.

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that involves taking a small piece of your own soft tissue—usually from the palate—and grafting it onto the areas around teeth affected by gum recession. Gum recession can occur due to various factors like aggressive brushing, smoking, and gum disease. This procedure is crucial not only for restoring a youthful, healthy smile but also for preventing further tooth decay and reducing tooth sensitivity.

Sinus Lift Surgery

Optimize implant stability with sinus lift surgery, ideal for patients with insufficient bone height or large sinuses. We create a supportive foundation for secure dental implant placement by elevating the sinus floor and grafting bone. 


A frenectomy is a simple procedure to correct a tight or thick band of tissue in the mouth called a frenum. This tissue can cause speech, eating, and even tooth alignment issues. The frenum is carefully removed or adjusted during the procedure to improve movement and function. Frenectomies are quick, typically done with local anesthesia, and can significantly improve oral health and comfort.

Schedule Your Surgical Consultation

Smile Source has your oral surgery needs covered in North Spokane and beyond! Contact us today to schedule your surgical consultation.

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