Staff Spotlight: Sarah

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

In our online reviews, patients mention their experience and our team most often as what they think sets us apart from other dental offices. Just one of many examples reads: "I actually look forward to my next appointments. A comfortable and fun atmosphere with a staff that are the best of the best..... Highly, highly recommended!!!"  In this light, we set out to learn more about our staff for you, starting with the one who's been with us the longest, Sarah.

Sarah is one of our patient care coordinators which makes her one of the first and one of the last people you see when you visit our office. If you don't already know her, it won't be long until you do. She'll probably go out of her way to get to know you. Sarah genuinely cares about all her patients, is interested in their lives and truly enjoys the dental field. In fact, she loves dentistry so much, it's the only job she's ever had!

As an 18 year old from Fairfield, MT, she and a friend spent a summer with her cousin in Rye, NY. Wanting to earn her keep, she found a part time job sterilizing equipment at a dental office. Shortly after that, they allowed her to help out assisting with patients. That was when she knew dentistry was for her. When she came home, she enrolled in dental school and headed for nearby Great Falls. Even while in dental school, Sarah supported herself by sterilizing at another dental office.

"I loved learing so much about the mouth and health," said Sarah. "I really have a passion for providing great healthcare, about making the patient happy whether that's restorative work, or making their smiles beautiful."

Once she graduated, she came to Spokane where she worked as a dental assistant for a small, South Hill dental office for three and a half years. That was when she met Dr. Baker. She joined his team and has been at the same practice ever since! She welcomed Dr. Ellingsen when he partnered with Dr. Baker. She celebrated with Dr. Baker as he retired and five years ago she welcomed Dr. Henneberg when the two practices merged.

"Working at the same practice both as a dental assistant and in the front office has been incredible. With Drs. Baker and Ellingsen, I'd become very close with all our patients," she recalled. "Then when Dr. Henneberg joined and brought his patients with him it was exciting because I got to develop relationships with all new people. Now I'm happy to say it feels like I've known them forever, too!"

It is no surprise that Sarah is passionate about people's smiles and has made smiles her career. After all, when she's around, you can't help but show her yours. Next time you visit us, we think you'll see what so many people online have been talking about!