Straight Talk About Clear Aligners

Monday, September 10, 2018

“Yep, I’ve made up my mind,” you tell yourself. You definitely want straighter teeth and you’re going to do something about it. Great! Now what?

The easy decision is made, but now you’re faced with a harder one: what method do you use? Orthodontics has come a long way in recent years and metal braces are no longer the only option for many. Now, while traditional braces are still an option, patients may also choose progressive clear retainers to align their teeth. Once you've settled on clear aligners, you must choose which clear aliner is the right system for you.

Smile Source Ellingsen-Henneberg Dentistry not only wants you to be happy with your smile, but to be happy and comfortable while achieving that grin! We talked with Dr. Jeff Henneberg to help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why would I choose a professionally monitored program like Clear Correct over more economical mail-order services?

Dr. H: I can appreciate the fact that there seems to be savings in mail-order orthodontics. However, moving teeth is a serious endeavor and should not be viewed as something simple enough to treat on one’s own. Disease, irreversible harm, and even tooth loss can occur. This isn’t a situation where I would recommend a home-remedy type approach.

Is there any difference to the patient between Clear Correct and Invisalign?

Dr. H: Both companies make a phenomenal product. Clear aligner therapy has been able to do amazing things for patients. The biggest difference I experience from patients is the comfort level between the two. Clear Correct seems to be more comfortable. They just hug the teeth better. Both companies spend time on research and development and I am confident in their outcomes.

What steps will a patient take?

Dr. H: Starting clear aligner therapy is actually an easy process. The planning takes time, but isn’t something a patient has to be concerned about. We take some photos, we take impressions to make molds of the teeth and we start the planning process of making the necessary aligners to create a straight, functioning and beautiful smile.

When I get my new apparatus, will my teeth be sore like in traditional braces?

Dr. H: Any time teeth are moved there is soreness. However, it is not nearly like having wires and brackets on your teeth. Putting a wire on makes every tooth sore. Clear aligners are systematically moving a few teeth each time. Rarely is everything involved in moving at once, so that makes things much more comfortable. Everyone is a little different, but generally there is soreness the first day or two. After that initial inflammation, things feel better and soon you are wondering when you will be ready for the next aligner because it seems like they may not be doing anything after a week. Every 10 days to 3 weeks a new aligner is given depending on the person.

When is a good time to start the process?

Dr. H: Actually, right now! We have many different options for making it happen financially. You could chose a plan from $100/month or receive an additional 5% off if you would like to pay in full.

We have hundreds of people we’ve treated and we can accommodate anyone interested in a complimentary consult visit to see if they are a candidate for clear aligners or even if someone wanted to start treatment today.